P. Bret Roper, AIT Worldwide Logistics

It is my pleasure to highly recommend Mr. Jens Mathis for team building, foundation building, goal setting, and overall growth and change mentorship. For the past six months, Mr. Mathis has committed his time and resources to train, direct and challenge our staff as a John Maxwell Certified Trainer. I, too am being mentored by Mr. Mathis on a personal level.

His approach with our staff is inviting and inclusive, and because of this, our employees frequently discuss their issues, problems and concerns with management, which is a struggle we have experienced as a company for many years.

Mr. Mathis is a respected expert within his field, and is a reliable go-to person for me and the entire staff of Empire Freight Services. He is a skilled problem-solver and has the ability to ask questions which spur open discussion, and his message is always delivered honest, direct and with compassion.

Jens holds us accountable, consistently expecting more. He doesn’t allow us to settle for less than what we can accomplish, and holds us accountable for the goals we set. Through his vision and counsel, he assists us in believing in our abilities as a team and as individuals, many of which weren’t considered possible prior to his involvement. Through his efforts, we are continuing to understand what goals are, and what milestones we can achieve as a group.

Without hesitation, I can confidently attest that Mr. Mathis will be a valuable asset to any organization. I recommend him and know his extensive skills will make a tremendous, positive impact on you and your organization.